LE Myra

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19,000.00 14,999.00
  • Thicker Insulation
  • 1 Star Energy Rating
  • Transparent Veg Box
  • Door Lock
  • AntiBacterial Removable Gasket
  • Crystal Door Accessories
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Stylish & Sturdy Handle
  • 10-Year Compressor Warranty
  • on 180, 190, 195 & 215 LTR.
  • Bigger Bottle Rack
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The Intelligent Compressor, Which Is Based On An Inverter The brand-new range of LEONIS refrigerators has cutting-edge technology known as Smart Inverter Compressor, which greatly improves both the energy efficiency and the amount of money saved. In addition to that, it operates in complete silence and has a lengthy warranty duration of 10 years. Air Flow Modulation As a result of the many cooling air vents that distribute and circulate cold air to all areas of the refrigerator, the temperature of each and every food item that is stored inside the refrigerator will be maintained at the appropriate level at all times. Images of products are provided for illustrative purposes only and may not be an accurate representation of the actual product. The most cutting-edge approach is a box lid designed with a latticework pattern, which locks in the appropriate quantity of moisture. Toughened glass shelves are a regular feature in today’s refrigerators. These shelves are meant to keep a wide range of perishable goods in a manner that is both hygienic and secure. It is now secure to maintain a greater quantity. On the door shelves of your LEONIS refrigerator, you are permitted to keep two bottles that are each 2 litres in capacity.

Direct Cool

Although it does offer a few advantages, the direct cool technology can only be used in refrigerators with a single door since it is only compatible with these models. Direct-cool refrigerators are more efficient than frost-free ones in terms of electricity consumption. Refrigerators have the capacity to preserve the freshness of the food they store. In contrast to frost-free freezers, the exteriors of these types of freezers do not become as heated.

Digital Inverter Compressor

It makes use of a digital inverter compressor to keep intelligent track of the seven various levels of this refrigerator and to give the appropriate amount of cooling to each one. This refrigerator’s compressor uses less energy, is quieter, offers more effective cooling, and extends its useful life. All of these benefits come as a result of its design.

Base Stand Drawer

You can arrange your kitchen in a more effective manner and locate all of your ingredients in one place if you make use of the base stand drawer, which provides a handy spot for you to keep dry veggies such as potatoes and onions.

Shelves Made of Tempered Glass

The shelves of this refrigerator are made of toughened glass, which allows for the storage of big food containers without the risk of damage.

Gasket with Antibacterial Treatment

This refrigerator has an anti-bacterial gasket, which inhibits the formation of mould and hazardous germs to ensure that your food is both sanitary and free from contamination at all times.

The Lock and the Key

Your children will be protected from harm thanks to the lock and key function that makes it simple for you to secure the refrigerator.

Lighting Using LEDs

You’ll have an easier time locating your ingredients with the aid of the brighter light provided by the energy-efficient LED bulb.


Warranty Service Type:- Technician Visit (by supplier )
Warranty Summary:- 1 Year on Product and 10 Years on Compressor From Samsung
Covered in Warranty:- All Parts Excluding Plastic Parts, Glassware, Bulb and Tube from the Date of Purchase Against Defective Material and Workmanship
Not Covered in Warranty :- Parts: Plastic / Glassware / Bulb / Tube. Any Accessories External to the Product. The Product is Not Used According to the Instructions Given in the Instructions Manual. Defects Caused by Improper Use as Determined by the Company Personnel. Modification or Alteration of Any Nature made in the Electrical Circuitry or Physical Construction of the Set. Site (Where the Premises is Kept) Conditions That do Not Confirm to the Recommended Operating Conditions of the Machine. The Serial Number is Removed, Altered or Obliterated from the Machine. Defects Due to Cause Beyond Control Like Lightening, Abnormal Voltage, Acts of God or While in Transit to the Service Centres or Purchasers Residence


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